Ty gets it. He knows that what we’re up against is tough, but as his students remind him every day, growth is always possible with some energy and a little bit of optimism—two things Ty has made a career of cultivating.

Truly Affordable Housing

As a lifelong Philadelphian, Ty is committed to restorative housing solutions to maintain the diversity in our communities that have enriched Philadelphia throughout its history.

Free Public Preschool

As a Preschool teacher in the 182nd District, Ty knows the value of early education. Quality, cost-free public preschool would enhance the lives of all Philadelphians.

Raising the Minimum Wage

Everyone benefits when all of our workers can afford to live and care for themselves. Ty’s fighting for at least $15 an hour.

Enrich Communities

By investing in our people, our communities thrive. Let’s expand our community centers, invest in urban agricultural programs, and offer vocational training.


Ty believes in comprehensive Medicare for all. He will stand up to lobbyists and work to expand access to healthcare, including comprehensive dental and vision care.


Ty Brown believes in Complete Legalization, releasing and expunging the records of individuals arrested and imprisoned.

Small Businesses

We understand that small businesses bounce back from crisis when the valves of support in our legislature are wide, transparent, easily accessible, and available.


City wide, Philadelphia is rich in diversity and expressions in arts and culture. We must increase funding for arts and vocational programming in schools, our public rec centers, and in public libraries.

Green New Deal

Ty Brown believes in a Green New Deal for PA. The environmental crises that we’ve encountered and are sure to encounter again are an existential crisis for this city and planet.

Public Safety

Our communities deserve impactful solutions, especially to parts of our city that are struggling with crime and rising homicide rates. Let’s invest in increased funding for free, accredited vocational training, raising the minimum wage, and expanding affordable housing.


We must invest in repairing, replacing, and rebuilding roads, bridges, and schools as well as expanding our local transit and making it cleaner and more reliable.

Veterans Rights

Veterans are pillars of our communities. They defend our rights and freedoms when called to duty out of the sheer altruism of the human spirit. Ty will work to ensure that veterans and their families have seamless access to comprehensive healthcare and sustainable housing. Ty believes that is the very least that we can do to support them after all they have done for our communities.

Tyrell Brown

For PA State House 182nd District

Ty Brown is a lifelong Philadelphian who has spent over half his life in the 182nd district. Splitting his childhood years between South Philadelphia and Delco, Ty developed a deep understanding of both the rich diversity and the fragile complexity that sustains our community.

As a preschool teacher in the district, Ty sees the issues in our city from their very foundation. He is committed to building a city, state, and nation that is equitable, full of opportunity, and abundance for all adults and children, regardless of gender, sex, race, religion, or sexual orientation.